Saab Trionic tuning

Trionic engine management is the epicenter of your vehicle. This Saab developed system automatically and instantly adjusts ignition, fuel injection and, in turbocharged models, turbo boost pressure, thereby offering both environmental and performance benefits. Powered by a 32-bit microprocessor, Saab Trionic engine management improves performance by constantly monitoring the combustion process, then adjusting engine operating parameters to eliminate, for example, harmful engine knock.

What makes Trionic so innovative is the utilization of the simple spark plug, which performs double-duty by also serving as a combustion sensor. Ionization voltage is measured across the plug gap to determine combustion efficiency, and Saab Trionic then adjusts engine systems for optimal performance and efficiency. Courtesy of Trionic, Saab engine performance is improved and peak torque is available at decreased rpm levels, which translates to greater acceleration capability at lower speeds. By controlling the combustion process so stringently, Saab Trionic engine management also contributes to improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

From the factory your car is built with potential to be a high performance vehicle. However, the stock software setup designed for the majority of people in todays society, who are fine with stock power levels and will probably never take the vehicle to its limits. As well all know though, some people are always on a quest for more power. That's where we come in.

With SQR Software Upgrades you can now utillize the true power potential of you Trionic Saab.

SQR will remap your entire engine management system while maintaining all the safety and reliability of the stock programming. This software has been tested in all conditions and performance from daily driving to 24 hour endurance races. Our software undergoes the most rigourous testing procedures and has proven itself time and time again.

Automotion Motorsports is the Official North American Distributor for SQR Engine Management Software. Created by Frank Strömqvist of Sweden, SQR Racing Provides multiple stages of Engine Management ranging from enthusiast level to straight out racing application. Whatever level of power you are looking for we can meet your needs. The sky is the limit.